Kids learn through activities everyday


In classes, we follow the official national curriculum of France. Language Arts, Social Studies and Math are taught in French and English.  80% of the learning is in French by native French speakers.


Circle time is a time for children to collectively share their personal feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas and anything that is significant to them with their peers. Typically, during Circle time all children will sit in a circle, sing, chat in french and perform a series of music and movement activities. Circle time is a daily activity.


Music is a part of learning. We play songs throughout the day and kids learn French through singing. 

Our Yoga class is instructed weekly by a certified Yoga instructor (via Zoom during pandemic). Yoga is great for the body, mind and spirit of all age practitioners! Whether you are 80 years old or 6 months old… stretching and building strength is fun, relaxing and good for all aspects of life.

We love to talk about food, global cuisine and how it comes from the farm to our table. It’s an opportunity for them to know the ingredients in French as well as healthy cooking and nutrition.



Children love to play outdoors. It is a wonderful place to test their physical abilities and have fun. Our backyard is equipped with the space for the children to grow vegetables, a jungle gym, water activities, a sand box and more… The daily schedule includes two outdoor recreational activities whenever the weather permits.