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Our programs offer a great introduction to kindergarten! Our experienced teachers, permanent aides and families, collaborate to build a unique atmosphere emphasizing social development and learning through exploration and play.

6 weeks to 24 months

More than just daycare, at Maternelle we are focused on keeping your baby happy, engaged, and secure. We personalize care for each infant based on his or her unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other special attention he/she requires.

Our curriculum is designed to help your child gain self-confidence and self-esteem. It enhances children social, language, emotional, and physical skills which also encourages children to develop with the staff’s help by extending their learning

Talking is the next milestone of which parents are typically aware. A toddler’s first word most often occurs around 12 months, but again this is only an average. The child will then continue to steadily add to his or her vocabulary until around the age of 18 months when language increases rapidly (7–9 new words a day).


2 to 5 years old

Through songs, games, art, creative play, movement, and planned language lessons, we nurture each child’s language acquisition, as well as academic and social development. In preschool, children spend most of their day in their French classroom with a native French-speaking teacher or assistant.

Teachers work with the Director to plan daily, customized small-group “Center” activities so even in mixed-age groupings children can learn at their developmental and age-appropriate pace. All activities are linked to the Developmentally Appropriate Practices


* For after school we pick up children in schools that are within the vicinity of Les Petits Bilingues. This is included in the after school tuition rate.

We provide engaging activities for our students every day:

Summer Camp

Knowing that our campers thrive within a structured routine that provides both independence, and exploration. Our summer camp functions as just that. Les Petits Bilingues offers a program that is full of a curriculum filled with day-to-day fun. Students get to use our outdoor play space for sprinkler fun, outdoor messy art, and gardening. We also offer activities such as cooking, dance, yoga, and music. We will also get to visit the community helpers within our community such as the firefighters at the local firehouse and the librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library location closest to the school, along with having visitors such as The Nature Company, a magician and many more. Each child gets to work with our qualified staff and will get to experience different weekly themes which will add to the richness of the program.

Daily Communication

WE USE BRIGHTWHEEL (Daily Activities/Report To Your Families)