Most of the day. All activities are spoken in French. 

Monthly activity lists are sent out and we use the HiMama app to communicate daily updates.

Yes. We provide hot breakfasts & lunches as well as a mid-day snack. All meals are served with a serving of fresh fruit and comply with the CACFP guidelines. Our food is prepared fresh and delivered daily by Greentop Farms, a farm to table catering company based in Long Island City, Queens.

Mostly, yes. We happily accommodate many of the major allergies, ie: gluten and peanuts. If the child is on an extremely restrictive diet, please discuss options with the operations manager. Our priority is the safety of your children and maintaining an environment free of hazards.

 We certainly encourage organics and purchasing from farms with those practices. And Greentop Farms definitely source a good bit! But they try to take a broader look at sourcing beyond the organic label too since it relies so heavily on the seed/feed. USDA organic can be a great guide, especially since it’s so complicated navigating our food system (and you will rule out a lot of bad stuff!), but it doesn’t account for nutrition, biodiversity of the farm, regenerative practices, soil degradation, or worker welfare. Today, you can still grow certified organic on deforested land. You can also use conventional seeds, and still market the end product as organic so long as you can produce the proof that your supplier was out of stock. For now, we feel our best bet is to know the farmers our partners are working with, how they operate, and source local whenever possible for shorter travel times and increased nutrition from farm-to-customer.


Mostly! Our catering company is extremely transparent – you can always see the farms and distance traveled. The majority of the food comes from a few hours away. Most grains come from an organic farm in Maine. Meat and poultry come from NY, NJ, and PA. Most vegetables are grown on Greentop Farms’ own land in upstate NY.

No. However, no pork shellfish are served.

Monthly activity lists are sent out and we use the HiMama app to communicate daily updates.

Yes. The children take a short nap after lunch. If a child does not need to nap or can’t fall asleep; they may engage in quiet games or activities.

Yes. We expect the child to be toilet trained by enrollment. However, if your little one is still learning, let us know and we may be able to assist.

You may enroll your child wherever you want. The year round classes were developed to serve parents who needed extended care and to offer children, who spend extended time at school, a comforting home-like setting. It’s the best of both worlds: school and home melded together with a nurturing staff who support each child’s full potential.

The classes are in session year-round from 8 am-6 pm, Monday through Friday. The classes are closed on some major holidays and select days as indicated on the school calendar.

Not at the moment but we’d love to refer you to our friends at Les Bijoux de Miley and La Maternelle de Park Slope which are only blocks away.

As often as possible! We have a private 850 sq ft playground featuring a gymnasium, hands on gardening areas, picnic tables, curated activities based on age and ability, and lots of sun.

In addition to parent-teacher conferences several times a year, we compile detailed transcripts with information on each child’s academic, linguistic, and social progress.  

Not at this time but please inquire if your employer offers tuition assistance/reimbursement.

Yes for full time programs. 5%

The staff cleans and sanitizes toys, surfaces and high traffic areas multiple times throughout the day. We employ a janitorial company to clean and sanitize every night. All staff and children wash their hands often and there are multiple stations throughout the facility dedicated to handwashing. All surfaces have been professionally treated with Microshield 360 – a non-toxic single application which kills viruses and bacteria on contact. We also use hospital grade quaternary sanitizer provided by Cintas.

 Please encourage your child to wear masks so they are familiar with them before enrolling.

Yes, we provide disposable masks.


We promote child emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development in a safe, fun and engaging environment.